Principal Trainer

Mitzi has been a trainer of animals for over forty years, starting in her early years with horses, and then finding her passion in dog training. Mitzi’s core belief is that solid and practical obedience training is the foundation for a happy and balanced relationship with your dog. While Mitzi focuses on training competitive dogs and their handlers, she is always delighted to train a companion dog for a family.

It is Mitzi’s belief that obedience is the gateway to success in all dog sports. All eight of Mitzi’s dogs compete in obedience, agility, herding, nosework, and musical freestyle. All eight dogs hold AKC champion titles, and many of her apprentices’ dogs also go on to be fierce competitors..

Mitzi’s goal at Positive Dog Training School is to train the best handlers, and to train their dogs to be successful at every competition. Everyone who owns a dog deserves to know how to train and have the best relationship they can with their canine companion.



Associate Trainer

Born and raised in the rural outskirts of Spokane, Washington, and in the mountainous Libby, Montana, Shea has always been a dog person. Shea was first introduced to dogs at a young age by his grandparents, who bred red short-haired Dachshunds for twenty-five years. He grew up training and showing his grandparents dogs, and has accumulated fifteen years of experience with raising a variety of dog breeds from puppyhood to adulthood. While experience with dogs is challenging and rewarding, Shea will tell you that training is as vital for the dog as it is for the trainer.

After high school, Shea attended college at the University of Washington for a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and spent several years employed in the legal field after receiving his degree. For those years, Shea directed his ambition at personal and professional development, and he was content. It wasn’t until Spring of 2018 that Shea found himself faced with a challenge that would dramatically shift his professional direction: the rescue of a black and tan coonhound puppy.

Never having worked with a cold scent hound, Shea began training under Joan Fetty and Mitzi Jorgenson, and came to realize the nature of his true passion: building rewarding relationships between pets and their owners. When Joan Fetty closed her dog training school in mid-2019, Shea and Mitzi re-opened it to continue the wonderful dog training work that occurs at Positive Dog Training School. Shea works under Mitzi to develop his training skills, and hopes to one day open a dedicated training facility at which he can pass on his knowledge of the great dog heritage.


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